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Are Thin clients supported?

  • Hi,

    Are there any known issues with agent on a terminal server? Are thin clients supported??


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  • In theory the Agent should be fine on a Terminal Server for managing the server, as it sits as a service in the OS, however the Agent will not be 'seperate' for each user on the Terminal Server, so it can be used to manage the server itself, but not necessarily anything particular to a user session.

    It is not possible to install the Agent on a Thin Client device. The Kaseya agent requries a full operating system to install and work.

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  • I am working on a solution for the thin-clients now. They can be monitored by snmp with Kaseya, but not managed like a PC.

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  • Maybe its that I don't manage thin clients on a regular basis, but why do you want to manage each session on the TS?

    If you needed to support users that connect to a terminal server, remote into that server and connect to the users session?

    Or do you want to connect/manage each session for other reasons?

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  • Can you post your MIBs and SNMP sets for the thin clients? I have a few printer SNMP sets I am working on.

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  • Hi,

    Never saw an answer coming on this one..  

    Is this possible : install an agent on a thin client and remote control it ?

  • If your are on windows embedded, it's works, but you must disable the File Write Blocker and the EWF... On the Linux thin client I don't have this kind of hardware, but if they have a standard GUI and x86 capable processor, this should works. But I don't think it's a good choice to install something on this type on machine, as someone posted, you should monitor the server... And use the great KNM to monitor the hardware with CIM and SNMP on thin client. And remember to have SPARE !!