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Network Access Protection since 6.3 Upgrade

  • Ever since we upgraded to 6.3 we have had a few customers call and indicate that they are getting a popup with prompts for "Protected Network Access Attempted". These are the settings under Agent > Protection. We have never configured this and has started out of the blue. Has anyone else noticed this?

  • Hi Dan,

    I am investigating this right now actually. Please file a ticket for this (if not already done) in the Kaseya Portal and reply to this response with the ticket # and I will keep you posted therein that thread.

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  • A ticket was created last week. The number is CS142319. Thanks!

  • @Dan - Thx. As noted in the ticket, I have it now and I will keep you posted therein.

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  • Hi Dan, I have the exact same problem with the Network Access Protection.

    Ticket CS141878: “Random Network Access - Problems”

    We are disabling the driver for all of the machines for now until a fix is available.

  • Hi All,

    FYI - We finally tracked this one down. 

    We have identified a KPM (Kaseya Policy Management) hotfix that was related to this to have caused this issue, but it had to be released as it also fixed an earlier KPM issue related to this as well (tongue twister, I know...). From here, as this involves KPM to manage Network Access policies, simply clear out and recheck/reapply the policy items for this page and then go ahead and reapply the policies to said orgs/groups. This will correct the issue from there.

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  • We found the same issue, but only with Windows 7. We don't use KPM at all and a number of random Windows 7 Workstations (not everyone for a single client, just random ones across the board) were "resetting" to "Ask" and prompting clients left and right and wouldn't even let us remote in because KVNC was prompted on the User screen.

    At least Win7 doesn't need a reboot so I changed my 'View' to Windows 7 and then Disabled the Driver - We barely use this anyway but quite an annoyance nonetheless.

  • Hi All,

    FYI - Engineering has informed me that they found another unique identifying issue in this. If you all do not have tickets on file with this yet, simply make one in the Kaseya Portal and reference this forum post link.

    Will reply again with further updates from there.

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  • Hi All,

    Update - Win Agent v6309 (Hotfix #: 5656) has been released and includes all the fixes to address this issue. 
    Ensure that you get latest hotfixes in your VSA and then force update any Win Agents to v6309 to resolve the problem from there (Note: This Win Agent hotfix will be applied to SaaS-based VSA's in the Mar-16 Saturday Maintenance window).

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  • @Dylan.Lagi - Is the update to the agent the only step needed now or do we need to re-apply policies as well?

  • Hi GDRBrian,

    Yes, that is all that is necessary for the fix to take place as per Kaseya Engineering's notes to us back when this fix was released.