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Anyone See "Kaseya Hacked!" article?

  • Article Here

    http://www.crn.com/news/managed-services/240142354/hacker-exposes-msp-platform-vulnerability.htm?pgno=1      <-- In case you the link doesn't work, here's the article 

    It looks like they have a hot fix or are working on one. I've not seen anything on my server as of yet regarding this. 

    I'm going to be keeping an eye out though as I think this is a big deal if it's true. Maybe a Kaseyan can chime in as well and give us more info from a K-perspective. 

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  • Please see this thread for details. community.kaseya.com/.../16771.aspx

  • Brendan, you rock!!!  Thank you sir.

  • "goes by the name of Cartel"

    So tired of these reporters feeding egos by trying to make the subject sound all badass. His name's Thomas Hibbert, if anyone wants to get in touch with him. He used to work with friends of mine.