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Windows Server 2012 showing as Server 2008 for agent/patching

  • We have 2012 in production but Kaseya is still reporting as Server 2008???

  • Hi Tim,

    See information on the status of Windows 8 & Windows Server 2012 agent support in this KB Article.


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  • From this one can only assume that the general release of 6.3 is sooner rather than later.  As always we will have early adopters of these new OS's and they are the very people that will question why the OS's aren't displaying correctly on any reports we send.  

    I've already given up this year for any updates to our 6.2 servers but I really, REALLY don't want a repeat of the hundreds of questions from customers regarding exec summaries being wrong because they have windows 7 and not Vista as is reported on 5.x servers.

  • Be proactive - advise your customers, in advance, that reports will not be updated for some time, and that this is dependant on your software vendor, and thus out of your control.

    Of course this is not ideal, but its better to be up front and inform your clients ahead of time, than look bad when they "catch" the problem first.

  • We are very proactive with our approach to customers but it's the length of time between these OS's being made available until we will actually get round to putting this update on.  We work closely with Kaseya and due to the amount of agents we have we can't go installing 6.3 when it's generally available.  We normally sit back and wait on how well the SAAS platform copes then take some hints and tips from that.

    Having spoken to some of our SQL developers they reckon they could quickly make some database changes that would accurately show the data on reports at the very least.  I don't believe that it would be too much work for Kaseya to provide this for their customers.  It's not like they've not been able to get their hands on the new OS's and test them for the last 6 months or so.

  • Agreed - I would have at least expected an update for v6.2 to allow Kaseya to report the new OS's.

  • @Tim Were you able to deploy Kaseya agent 6.2 on your windows server 2012?

    I am not able to.

  • Just got it, pls ignore.

  • @Tim: Yes, it *should* be a simple patch to the VSA to detect and name server 2012....however, its not always that easy - for example, it might break the scripting engine, since all scripts that depends on knowing the OS Version, so now the developers have to re-write the whole scripting engine. Same for, e.g. patch management. and a whole bunch of other things.

    What might seem simple at first glance, isn't always so.

  • Hi Guys, just wanted to make sure you heard:

    As we've mentioned before, Windows 8 and Server 2012 are supported in 6.3. That being said, 6.3 is currently in controlled release and if you would like to upgrade please submit a ticket via the portal (https://portal.kaseya.net) with subject line: "6.3 Upgrade" follow this link, complete the survey and we will do our best to accommodate you and help you get to 6.3.    Kaseya will make 6.3 generally available in January 2013. 

    from this thread: community.kaseya.com/.../15556.aspx

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