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LAN Watch deploy agent

  • Hello Sir,

    I want deploy the agent through LAN watch but there is error for deploy the agent time.

    Connect to Admin$ failed Error 1326: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password


    Connect to Admin$ failed Error 5: Access is denied.

    Please help us.

  • Wich account do you use when you try to install the agent?

    Is it an account who has the local admin rights?

  • Hi Mohd,

    This is definitely a windows authentication error. Ensure to user the Admin Logon as domain\username and of course ensure the password is correct.

  • As it is said above but if computers are not in domain then use local admin account. To deploy on several computers all together create a uniform admin user/password on all machine.

  • We put a specific user in the AD of our clients called "Kaseya Agent." We use this for agent deployment and patch credentials. We give it admin rights so it can get it's job done