Hey Guys,


How do you push out Java 7 update 7 to all machines?  Anyone have a script?






UPDATE, Thursday, Aug. 30, 4:16 p.m.: Oracle has issued a new version of Java that it says fixes the vulnerabilities described below. For more, see my new post here.

Original post: Hackers have found a flaw in Oracle's Java software that allows them to break into users' computers and install nasty malware, security experts report. The attack, first spotted on Sunday by researchers at the security firm FireEye, is what security types call a "zero-day" threat, exploiting a previously unknown vulnerability for which there is currently no fix available.

The loophole appears to affect Java Version 7 (also known as 1.7) on all browsers. So far the attacks have been against PCs, but Mac users are vulnerable as well. Businesses should be especially concerned about targeted attacks, but just about anyone who uses Java on the Internet is at risk, especially since the attack has been added to the Internet's most popular hacking kit, BlackHole.