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Sonicwall Single Sign On and Kaseya

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Hi, guys.

In my clients I have Sonicwall products. Recently, i activated the feature Single Sign On (SSO) inside these firewalls to control the trafic per user logged in my Active Directory.
Checking the web interface of SonicWall Firewall, i noticed that all the logged users is the same (administrator). The correct is show the user logged at the moment in the computer, but it didn't work.
Well, i changed the user used in my Kaseya (setting it in Set Credentials) to "monitor", and, for my surprise, the user monitor had showed in all my computers logged inside SonicWall.

Dou you know a way to resolve this issue? I searched for another post with this subject, but i found only one with no responses.


Fernando Wiek

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  • Fernando, we use this feature a lot and have no such issues, can you send some screenshots of each point so I can assist.

  • Hy, NIKNAKS456.

    I discovered the problem: i had to change the way of Sonicwall agent collect the data from AD. I used netAPI to capture the users logged, and this method don't functioning well with Kaseya. When I change to WMI method, all the users logged are showed corretly.

    Thanks for you attention!