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Kaseya Antivirus License Management STILL not available?

  • We purchased KAV over a year ago which still does not allow license assignment per group similar to other modules.  We use this heavily since not all clients get AV / BUDR packages.  I control deployment at the group level.  Due to so many AVG issues we moved it all to KAV.  I was informed during my initial evaluation that License management would be available very soon.  It is VERY frustrating receiving notices indicating release of new modules when existing modules purchased year ago have not been fixed.  

    KASEYA ---- Please get the license control in KAV implemented.  I have also been waiting for some type of alerting in KAV which I am sure wont see anytime in the near future.


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  • Here here.

    I just had a whole bunch expire and didnt have visibility of it. With KES i got an email telling me machines that were going to expire but with KAV you dont.

    In addition, the pool just gets consumed and its harder to keep track of homany you need. Particularly with licenses disappearing between KAV 2010 and Kav 1.3 updates.

    I did see that Kav1.4 has some new nice features which make the product now useable. However license management is the number one thing missing IMHO.

    Obviously the developers at Kaseya get unlimited access to licenses so they dont come accross this problem. But we manage our renewals yearly and like to ensure that customers are going to be renewing their A/V before assigning licenses to the endpoints.