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Linux Agent Not Installing

  • Hi,


    I'm having trouble installing the new  6020001  agent on my 64-bit servers. The older 6010000 agent installs fine but when I attempt to install the new one the error I get is : 


    Fatal:              Installation of the Agent failed because this system cannot run 32-bit programs.


    Both are .sh files so not sure what could be the problem. Are there additional checks with the newer agent and do I need to install more dependencies? Hope someone can assist - my servers are running Fedora 9 64bit.




  • The install is only 32one bit. You will have to install all the 32alerts bit library's to install a 32day bit program.

  • Thanks but I knew that already :)

    I need to know exactly what libraries are required to get this running on Fedora 9 64bit.

  • If you install the agent with the -X switch it will write a log file to the /tmp dir. In there you will see a file called KASetup_<pid>.version cat that file and it will tell you the libraries to install. You may need more that one to install. So repeat the install with the -X switch and cat the new log file you will see the next library to install. Keep doing that until it installs successfully. I install it with ./KcsSetup.sh -V -D -X because I like to see what it is doing. I was doing this on CentOS 5.6 I would think the resolution would be the same. I hope this helps.

    Thanks, Erik

  • Thanks Erik :) the file that it was looking for was libglib-2.0.so.0 ... ended up having it on the machine for the vmware tools install so just copied it to /lib and it worked.