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Agent Update Alternatives

  • I was really disappointed to hear all of the issues related to updating the Kaseya agent software.  I was more shocked to learn that the "Agent Update" component in Kaseya does not use the "Patch Source" prompting every computer to download the same file over and over....

    I was wondering if anyone has tested writing a procedure to do this using "Get URL (Use Patch Source)" to manually install.  I have tested running "kcssetup.exe /j /r /s /u" which seems to update the agent successfully and does not change any of the group settings.  Thoughts...

  • How large is a typical agent update?

    Never thought about this being an issue

  • its not that large... about 1.5MB, but if you have a client with 200 computers you are going to download 300MB to that client, not to mention... if you have 2000 agents total all 2000 need to get the update from your KServer

  • Your right.