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Variable for the machine name which run or scheduled a script?

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Not sure this is even possible, certainly won't be in some cases as the machine it is run from may not have an agent installed but if it is possible in others it would be great.

Basically I have a script which runs "Join.me" and grabs the AuthCode from log files, this is then translated into "http://www.Join.me/111222333" initializing the connection, now I would like it to automatically open that webpage on the machine is was run or scheduled from but I am not sure of any variables for that?

At present it just emails the link for users to click on but it could be so much better.

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  • I think you'd first need to determine the default browser that the user has installed. Then, for Internet Explorer, the process is pretty simple - just execute the following on the user's computer calling your webpage as a parameter such as:

    PathToFile/iexplore.exe www.yahoo.com

    I'm not sure if the other browsers - Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc can be opened in the same manner so that might be an issue...

  • I Zippo, the thing is I want it opened on the machine the script was scheduled from!

    I have managed to achieve this but it is a little messy, the Kaseya engineer schedules the script, when scheduled the name of his PC is requested as I am unaware of any variables for this, the script runs through and pulls the authcode then transfers the final result (a web address) to the machine the script was scheduled from and then runs the open URL option to open that page on the engineers machine.

    The problem is that prompt, users have to put in the full machine and group name so it is a bit of a pain to say the least, still easier than walking some users through the Join.me progress but all the same I with I could automate that part too.