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Change email adres event notifications or change owner

  • Hi,

    I have just re-started using Kaseya and in the new interface (to me) i cannot find where to alter the email adres to change the eventlog error messages. What happens, i have installed with my normal email address i also use for normal business purposes, some agents at a customers site. Now all the errors are sent to me instead of the user i created for their helpdesk. I have altered the contact email adres and the admin email adres to their helpdesk mailbox, but the messages are still comming to me. What am i missing ?

    I have spent my hours on google, forums, kaseya CTB and youtube at no succesful avail.



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  • Hi Frank

    There are two places you want to check this.  If you go to Monitor > Alerts - this will show you a big list of alerts that you may have setup.  If your email address is listed you'll need to select all the machines and clear the list then reaply all these settings.  The other place is under Monitor > Event Log Alerts - same as above if your email address is listed you'll need to highlight them all and clear then reapply with the proper address.

    As a small tip if you go to System > Preferences and set the email address at the top to the one you want emails to go to when you apply any monitoring settings it will use this be default.  

    Hope that helps.