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Linux Agent Failing Installation

  • I'm trying a manual Linux agent install since this is the first Linux agent in the network.  I created an agent package that uses Linux as the OS and used the root credentials in the authentication option in the agent package itself.  When I try to install using ./KcsSetup.sh, I get this error:

    Fatal: Installation of the Agent failed because this system cannot run 32-bit programs.

    Running uname -r :


    I don't see any options in creating the agent package that allows me to modify the client package to be 64-bit instead of 32-bit.

  • The Linux agent installer attempts to install any missing 32-bit packages. If that attempt failed, then you would see that message. What

    Linux distribution (and version) are you running on? Look at the VSA System Requirements document at

    help.kaseya.com/.../K2-System-Requirements62.htm and verify your Linux is a supported distribution

    and version. We actually install and run on many more Linux distributions than we officially support.

    Let me know the Linux distro and version. Also,you might copy the installer log file from /tmp/KASetup_<unique-int>.log to this forum

    and I'll see if it tells me anything more.

    Gordon - Linux Agent development team