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deploying KAM and KAV

  • Hello all. I'm trying to figure out how to deploy KAM and KAV automatically to certain computers once they check in. I have a VMWare Appliance running win2k8 R2 and the agent installs on the first login. I want the Kaseya server to push out KAV and KAM automatically after first checkin. Is this possible? the support rep wasn't sure if this was possible but this seems like a pretty standard feature. Any help would be appreciated!



  • you cvould try applying those installs to a template agent thats used during the install of the deployment...and if its in the past and not set to skip then in theory it should apply those 2 policies to the machines.

    Thats how we do procedures..or did in the past so it might work for KAV

  • Is there an MSI that is installed with KAV and KAM? Will it report back to the kaseya server? If so that might work. I'm new to Kaseya so I'm not sure how exactly the deployment is done after you tell the KAV module to do the install.

  • Any ideas?