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Agent Menu Feature Requests - Ideas Welcome

  • All, I am currently building a list of proposed feature requests that can be added, updated, or completely rewritten from within the Agent Menu.  Keep in mind that the Agent Menu is not the Agent itself.  If you have any thoughts, please feel free to share.  Thanks. 

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  • Good morning Chad,

    Having a hard time thinking up suggestions... not because I don't have them. But instead I am not sure what you are looking for with this menu. Give us some ideas that you have which will lead us to give you our thoughts.

  • what about:

    • my open tickets or a ticket that has been updated (number count when clicked goes to my tickets)
    • direct voip call to the helpdesk/servicedesk
    • local sysadmin version, quickly showing status of servers/alerts or health score etc. (for the IT person on each customer site)
    • local sysadmin vnc/rdp access to their infrastructure
    • notice when updates are being applied and maybe a way to pause them
    • IM chat between users in my org and maybe video link in the future (directly from agent menu
  • David,

    just looking for any top of mind items that you feel might fit inside the Agent tab of the product.  I realize that a general ask is tough.  


    Thanks for your ideas.


  • I would like to see the ability for the user to kick-off a BUDR image.


  • I would like to see:

    >>> Remote Conrol to PC "xyz"

  • Chad, this may be available now and if so can you please advise. If not, can you please add to the list.

    We have users directed to a custom webpage instead of the default "user Logon Page"

    We would like the URL we have entered to have the agent ID automatically attached to the URL so we can use it in our web form.

    ie: www.xyx.com.au/blah.php&AgentID

  • Hi Chad,

    I'ld love to see a status function, that you can hover or click on, which would show "script xyz running" or "remote / live connect session in progress" or "installing patches".

    Sub menus that we can populate with agent procedures, links, etc

    Also the ability to have 'outlook style' pop ups for messages (I'm thinking this could be used as a marketing tools as we can send stuff that they do not necessarily have to take note/reply to - eg "did you know we have added xyz to our managed services...."

  • Have you tried using the BookMarks featue ... You can create your own menu with links to all your most frequently used menus .. not  scripts though .. but you could add them to your Live Connect home page

  • Chad, our wish list for the Agent Menu is:

    1. Flexibility to configure several options that allow a user to execute defined exe files. Currently it is possible setup the menu to allow the execution of only a single exe file by using the URL option.

    2. As per SteveMorris, ability to pass the agent ID to a URL.  We also use our own custom web landing page for clients.