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Cant install linux agent

  • When we try to install the linux agent we get "./KcsSetup.sh: 34: Syntax error: "(" unexpected". 

    We're using "sudo sh ./KcsSetup,sh" to run the install script.


    Anyone else getting the same problem?


  • What's on line 34?

    Try it with bash instead of sh

  • Olly,

    Line 34 is an array declaration. If you're using an old version of bash, then that could be the problem. What Linux distribution and version are you installing onto? You might also run "echo $BASH_VERSION" from the command line and see what it says.


  • Preface... I don't know linux command line, but that is all i have as this is a server, and i don't want a GUI.

    I am having a similar issue.


       sudo sh ./kcssetup.sh


       --2012-09-06: not found

       Resolving: not found

       Connecting: not found

       443...: not found not found (NOTE: ip address has been replaced, this was our KSERVER's public IP though)

       HTTP: not found

       Syntax error: "(" unexpected

    bash version: 4.2.10(1)-release

    Any help would be appreciated

  • Agent install switchesused: /e /g /c

  • Linux has several shells. One is sh and another bash. Despite the extension, KcsSetup.sh is a bask shell wcript and you're explicitly running it with sh. So doing "sudo ./KcsSetup.sh" should work fine, but "sudo sh ./KscSetup.sh" should not.


  • Gordon, that made complete sense but I still got the same result.

  • What Linux distro/version are you running? Also, what version of bash? You can check bash via "echo $BASH_VERSION".

  • If $BASH_VERSION isn't set then try "bash --version".