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kaseya agent system unexpected shutdown.

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Dear All,

Greeting of the day.

Im facing the same issue with my kaseya server K2 as all kaseya agent system  unexpected shutdown.

while checking agent log and event viewer getting comman error

Network connection unexpectedly lost

Agent stopped v6.1.0.6. Agent start time unavailable due to unexpected shutdown.

We have done following troubleshooting and came to above conclusion.

1. Unistalled AV on one client system and kaseya agent on the other system but found the system with Kaseya agent is still having problem.

on other Server

2. We unstalled Kaseya agent from two client systems and installed on other server Kaseya agent on both of them and found that the problem is resolved.

can anyone assist me quickly as i hav suspend 400 + systems meanwhile .




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  • have you contected support yet? if the K agent really get's an unexpected shutdown something is really bad....

    this happens on the K-server or on the k-agent system?

  • on k-Agent system .....really bad impact on my customers .

  • yes we already opened with support tickey but yet today no resulation ...