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Reschedule AVG updates

  • We have over 90 agents for one company and AVG updates every 8 hours, is there anyway to stop updates between 8 - 11am because it's killing there bandwidth.

  • we did something similar on a server - if you log onto one of the pcs and then configure the updates the way you want them within the AVG console.. then on that machine look for a file similar to this

    C:\Users\All Users\avg9\Cfg\sched.cfg (this was windows 7 machine hence c:\users)

    You should be able to copy that .cfg file via a kaseya script to all the machines and it will change the update schedule. We set our servers to update once a week as they were updating all over the place and sometimes it would screw up the server...

  • you can test it manually by making the changes and then just copy it via windows to another machine and see does it work - you should see the changes immediately in the AVG console on the other pc.

  • I found C:\Users\All Users\avg9\Cfg\sched.cfg however when I open it in note pad it's all garbage.  How are you editing it?

  • you don't edit the file - that file is created by AVG when you configure the updates within the AVG console.

    so open AVG on the machine - go into options or settings (not sure what its called then go to the update section and setup the schedule - So every wednesday at 2pm or whatever. Then close AVG.

    That file will then contain all those settings - you then copy that to another machine and those same settings should appear on that machine.