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Reports - Exchange Service Packs

  • Hi guys,

    Need to do a report for on our Exchange servers to see what service packs they are at, is there a way to do this with report, or any script that I can run and collect the data on a report? Running K2.


  • You might be able to modify this to do what you want:


  • I can get it from the exchange shell by typing -->  Get-ExchangeServer | fl name,edition,admindisplayversion  

    the question I suppose is, is there a way that I can tell Kaseya to do it, creating a powershell script or something?

  • Yes, this is possible, but it's kind of a pain in the butt. Check out my post in this thread (at the very end) to see how I execute Powershell scripts for reporting mailbox sizes. We have to consider Exchange version since they differ slightly in their operation.