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View for 64 bit machines?

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Is there a way for me to make a certain View that will show me the 64bit machines that exist in an organization?



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  • I was able to do this by setting the OS version filter to "*x64*" (without the quotes) in the define view options. it seems to work for all X64 based windows operating systems.

  • The issue with this is not all 64-bit operating systems will report x64 in the OS version filter.

    Use the method I illustrated in my Rescue CD post:


  • pardon me, but doesn't that post show you how to make a view to see 32 bit machines? If you make a filter for the opposite of what you describe in the above linked post, it doesn't seem to be any different that what i suggested above.

  • I ran into an issue years back where the OS was 64-bit but the OS version didn't actually contain x64.

    At the time I was using a Kaseya View in an agent procedure to determine if the OS was 64-bit and had to run another check.

    I just realized one downside of the application check method though - it relies on a full software audit being collected, whereas OS Version is returned right away when an agent checks in.

  • I used Ben's recommendation and it worked for me. The 64bit OS contains splwow64.exe and 32bit OS is missing splwow64.exe

  • The only problem with this method is when servers have extracted ISOs off 64-Bit OS's on their HDD.

    Instead I wrote a script which detected "C:\Program Files (x86)\Desktop.ini" if found it creates a file called "64-Bit Machine.txt" if not "32-bit Machine" etc. in my predefined path, I then check for this file as there is no other reason these files would exist.

    You can also simplify it a little by getting it to fail or succeed a script based on above or similar stipulations, then creating views which succeeded or failed this script, either of these methods will work reliable and have done for us since day one, just don't forget to ensure which ever method you use is assigned to your templates so that it is prepared for later use.