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Patch Management Troubleshooting Question

  • Hello all,

    we have been seeing this Patch error:  "xxxx does not have a patch log file for KBxxxxx".

    Other patches are installing properly on the same machine and our permission have been verified (Patch Test comes back as "Passed").

    We have been resolving these issues "manually" by downloading them directly from Windows Update in IE.

    Is there something else we can do directly through Kaseya to overcome this error?...it would save us a significant amount of time instead of remoting in each machine...




  • Have you tried clearing the cache from file source?

  • Thanks gconnors!

    The file source is set to download from the internet and delete after the install.  To my knowledge, there is no clear caching option with... is that correct?

  • rmorsli,

    You are correct that there is no cache to clear when the file source is set to download from the internet (the clear cache option appears only when you configure a LAN file share  as the file source).

    Regarding the notifcation in the logs that no log file exists, that entry itself is merely informational.  When a patch is not detected after install, patch reboot, and rescan, the patch is marked as failed.  Any time a patch is marked as failed, Kaseya attempts to retrieve the KB log file.  However, not all patches will create a log file on failure.  The system will attempt to retrieve it and note in the Agent Procedure log either the file did not exists OR that it was uploaded and available for review.  

    Now, while this particular entry is merely informational, you still have a patch that failed to install and that failure should be investigated.  KKB000781 includes the some of the most common causes of failure for patches with some troubleshooting guidelines, but if that doesn't provide you with a resolution, I advise you open a ticket with Kaseya Support.  be sure to include the endpoint(s), specific patches failing and, if possible, the last time the install was attempted.  The more detail you can provide in the initial report, the better support will be able to direct the investigation.  Failures can be due to the network environment, an issue with the endpoint(s), or with an individual patch, so, generally speaking, any particular failure should be individually investigated.