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What is the size of Temporary files created before starting backup BUDR 4.0

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I have few server which runs extremely with low resources including free space on system partition. I am curious to know that what could be size of Temporary files created on the system after backup starts. Is there a formula to calculate it if it is a proportion of size of backup image/size.



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  • The size of this temporary file by default is exactly 20% of the free space of the partition where the temporary folder is.

    By decreasing the default relative size you risk that the backup creation will fail when there is not enough space in the file to receive all the pending write operations. This is not recommended if you have a loaded system.

    By increasing the default relative size you ensure that the backup creation will not fail due to lack of space in the file, but at the same time you risk that there will not be enough space for other applications that might need it.

    You can change the size, if needed by editing the registry on the offending machine.

    • Windows 32 bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Acronis\MMS\Configuration\Protection\Backup\SnapshotStorage
    • Windows 64 bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Acronis\MMS\Configuration\Protection\Backup\SnapshotStorage

    Double-click on RelativeSize and set the Value data to the one you choose

    You can even change the storage path, if needed

    Double-click on StoragePath and in the Value data field provide the path where the temporary file should be created:


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  • you mean temporary file size for acronis before commencing backup will be 20% the free space, no matter what is the size of the backup.. is that right???

  • Correct

  • Dan thanks for your respond

    Let me give you the incident;

    I have a server with free space approx 850MB on the system partition (Total size of the partition is 12 GB). Full BU approx 8gb and incremental varies between 125mb - 2gb.

    Here is the xml file with failure report which am not able to decipher and may be you can.

    \\\\--------  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

    <log uuid="E143F230-4F8A-48E0-A63B-7FAA91263589" product="Acronis Backup & Recovery 10" version="10.0" build="17552" >

    <event id="1" level="2" module="100" code="0" time="1310537716" message="VSS Mode:none" />

    <event id="2" level="2" module="100" code="0" time="1310537716" message="Compression: 3" />

    <event id="3" level="2" module="100" code="0" time="1310537716" message="Encryption:none" />

    <event id="4" level="2" module="100" code="0" time="1310537716" message="Split: 3,000" />

    <event id="5" level="2" module="100" code="0" time="1310537716" message="Multivolume snapshot:Disabled" />

    <event id="6" level="4" module="1" code="1054" time="1310537716" message="Failed to determine temporary file name. Error code: 267." />

    <event id="7" level="4" module="1" code="1054" time="1310537717" message="Failed to determine temporary file name. Error code: 267." />

    <event id="8" level="4" module="100" code="103" time="1310537717" message="ERROR: Failed to start the backup operation." />




  • .... and also we have 4 other servers in samenetwork using BU location on same Terastation. There is not an issue on those.

  • It's because you only have 850 MB free on that drive.  Move the temporary file location as outlined in my post above to a different partition.

    I'd bet the the 4 other servers that are working fine have plenty of free space on the C: drive (or where ever windows stores it's temporary files)

    You must have 20% available free space in order for Acronis to create the temporary snapshot.

  • My server is low on source is what I mentioned in my post. but as you said that BU log size will be 20%  of free space on the disk which meas on my this server partition has 850mb of free space and its 20% would be around 170mb. So as per your first response logs size should be 170 mb irrespective of size of backup..

    quote "The size of this temporary file by default is exactly 20% of the free space of the partition where the temporary folder is' unquote

  • Right, but you can't expect to fit an 8 GB snapshot into 20% of 850 MB of space.

    Try to move your Acronis snapshot location storage path to another partition.

    I'm surprised that this is the only issue you're having with a server that low on drive space. :)