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File transfer - read and download only?

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Hi everyone,

I am new in Kaseya, I have a question on file transfer

My manger requests to get file from a regional server, the server will have agent installed, what he wants is right to read / download file from server only, he doesn't want any rights to rename, delete, upload, or create file.  I tried the FTP in remote control but this FTP will have full permission to read / write all files.  is there any option / feature can limit file transfer (read / download only)??



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  • why would you want to limit this? I ask b/c we often use this feature to push files down to a customer's desktop with instructions and such to make everyone's life easier.

  • Hi Danrche,

    It is because the manager is coming from Finance department, he needs to access the regional server to get the financial report.  The company doesn't have VPN connection so we would like to use Kaseya file transfer feature, he just wants read the report and ensure he will not amend / delete any report accidentally.