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Update Agent Template to Latest Version

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Perhaps I'm missing something simple here.  I had originally created agent templates in version  We have since updated a few times and are now at 6.1.  However I've noticed that when an agent template is deployed, it still deploys at intsead of 6.1.  I've tried using the Agent/Update Agent to update the templates, but there has been no change.  Any suggestions on how to update the templates to the latest version without recreating them?

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  • Hi seftink

    I think there is some nomenclature confusion here.  Agent Templates manage settings and can be used in conjunction with an Agent Deployment Package so that newly deployed agents get the settings defined/configured on the Agent Template.  When you download an Agent Deployment Package, and for sake of simplicity lets talk about Windows agents, the most current agent install binary (KcsSetup.exe) is presented to whoever is downloading the agent.  Once saved, that KcsSetup.exe is whatever version it was at the time it was downloaded. So if I'm running Kaseya v5.1 and I get a copy of an Agent deployment package from that server the KcsSetup.exe will always deploy a v5.1 agent.  So even if I then upgrade my v5.1 server to v6.1, if I continue to use that same old KcsSetup.exe that I used before I will have v5.1 agents deployed and checking into my v6.1 server.  To solve this I need to get a new copy of the KcsSetup.exe after the server was upgraded by downloading it again.  Now if you are using a deployment strategy using Group Policies or Logon Scripts then everywhere you have referenced an older version of KcsSetup.exe either in the GPO or Logon Script will required an updated version of the KcsSetup.exe.  The Agent Template has nothing to do with the initial version of agent that gets installed from KcsSetup.exe.  Now, what you can do is schedule an Update Agent operation on the templates using the Force option under the Agent->Update Agent function and that will schedule the update script on the template.  Then, assuming that template is linked to the Agent Deployment Package that was used to generate the old KcsSetup.exe, your agents will initially start out as say v5.1 but then when that script executes, it will upgrade itself to the new version.  However, unless you generate a new KcsSetup.exe and use that instead of the old one, you will always be deploying an older version first and then upgrading (not optimal for sure).  If you are using LAN Watch and our built in Active Directory deployment capabilities available under Agent->View AD Computers and/or Agent->View AD Users, there is a button in those functions to update the agent deployment packages on the domains where the older KcsSetup.exe was originally deployed.  If you are/have done all this and somehow the agents you download are still old versions then there may be something going wrong on the Kaseya server itself and perhaps it has not updated the local binaries used to create the new KcsSetup.exe files for your deployment packages.  I hope this helps you get to the bottom of your issue.  



  • A couple of thoughts:

    1)  Export the template and then import it


    2)  Create a new template and copy the old template's settings to it and then delete the old template

  • Templates are only settings applied to an agent they do not control the version of the install package - see Matt's comments above

    Either you are installing from an old Kcsetup or the one that is used by default for your Kaseya box is not the latest. if you are installing from the dl.asp page then I would say log a ticket.