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I have tried to complete the online free training, and for things like the agent and basic overview, things were ok.

Once we got onto the more advanced topics, the training was rubbish. Not sure if anyone has seen the patch management module for k2, but it's a 6 minute video, and it wouldn't be possible to make use of patch management if this was the only video you had.

I can't find any books on Amazon, and short of paying 2K a day, training seems really expensive.

What other resources are available to us?


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  • Searching too more and more documentation, best practice guides ...

  • Where do I find best practice guides? The documentation I have is abysmal.

  • The Knowledge Base does have some documentation on Patch Management and we're working to make this more robust.  You can find patch-specific troubleshooting information at community.kaseya.com/.../kaseya-patch-management.aspx.

    Patch Best Practices document (this is from KB article KKB000237).  It's older but the information is still applicable to K2.  A new one should be available shortly.

    I also have a few documents that are not quite ready for public consumption but if you would like them in their preliminary form, feel free to ping me off list and I'd be happy to provide them.  They'll be made publicly available once I have them cleaned up a bit.  

  • @networkn

    We did a webinar on Kaseya patch management a few weeks back for our partners.  I think it was pretty well received.    You can find all of our videos on our YouTube Channel.   msponramp

    Best Wishes, Chris

    Virtual Administrator

  • Hi All, The best place to get Kaseya training is to attend one of their bootcamps. We did when we first got Kaseya and it was a really well planned course and I was able to get answers to all of my questions and I found out so much about Kaseya's features we just wernt using.

  • Hi There!

    Except that this is wildly expensive, and time consuming (Almost always run during working hours), something small MSP's like us struggle to justify. Other competing products have a full online training facility, books are available. Kaseya is a massively powerful but hugely complicated system that because it's not very well layed out, requires a massive investment to get good use from.

  • I have taught over 400 partners how to use Kaseya in less then 3 hours.   We are working on getting our training on video, and have a "Getting Started" and patch management video up there.

    The bootcamps are worthwhile if you can find the time and money you should do one.  We did one ourselves many years ago!  

    The on-line help is a good reference for questions on how or what a function done, but doesn't give you the real world knowledge of how to use it.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ping me offline.

    Regards, Chris.

  • Hi There

    I hope the new Kaseya Education Workshops are the affordable and comprehensive training option that you are looking for -

    Kaseya now has an alternative training option to Bootcamps - not sure if you have tried the live, online Education Workshops (available on Kaseya Learning Center: https://lms.kaseya.com/kedu); these are live, online interactive training sessions delivered by a Kaseya consultant and the price is reasonable (works out to $300 for a session).

    These Education Workshops build upon the free Computer Based Training (CBT) content and are aimed at providing the same level of coverage/depth as we used to do in Bootcamps - the only difference being splitting of the topics: Kaseya SysAdmin, Core Kaseya and Advanced Kaseya Education Workshops (+ add-on modules). To find out more about the workshops, you can review the workshop outline/agenda etc on the Learning Center without registering for one:

    Kaseya SysAdmin: lms.kaseya.com/.../view.php

    Core Kaseya: lms.kaseya.com/.../view.php

    Advanced Kaseya: lms.kaseya.com/.../view.php

    Hope this helps. Please feel free to drop me an email/reply on this discussion thread should you need further help with training and we'll be happy to assist.


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  • Thanks. I found the LMS K2 Stuff, and the first few modules such as Agents etc, are really good, but the more advanced stuff like Patch Management is really useless.

    I have an appointment for a consultant later in March and I'll see how that works out.

  • Hi!

    Speaking of Kaseya training it might be very interested in the course available on www.it-scholars.com. This course teaches the fundamentals of the platform and through a great virtual laboratories allows to check the new knowledge immediately. It is also a great way to systematize knowledge about VSA - check it out!