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KAV and Anti Malware on IT Center

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I'm on Saas1 and have signed up for the KAV and antimalware.  They now show up in my main menu but when I try to install it, I only get an option to install it to the first 10 computers.  It won't let me install it on the computers I want to test it out on.  Any ideas?



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  • It seems it only shows 10 computers at a time with no way (that I can find) to show more.  I used the search button and typed in the first part of the Machine ID I wanted to install it on and it came up and installed without a problem.  So glitch one seems to be the inablity to show more then 10 computers at a time.

  • Check the bottom right.  There's a section that says, show X number of computers per screen.