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Laptop checking in outside the network

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I have been working on this for a little bit and still cant quite figure out how to get a laptop to check in when it is outside the network. I am sure I am missing something, does anyone have any best practices for this or some setting that have to be done just right to get this to work?



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  • What address is your agent use to communicate with your server?

    Do you have port 5721 forwarded into your firewall from outbound - CAn you telnet on this port to your external IP and do you get a response (should be a flashing cursor)?

  • Go to System >> Check-In Policy you can specify the name of the server your agents are to check in to. You can specify up to two check in servers.  I'm guessing here that you've got it setup on an internal address which obviously won't work when the machine is off your network as it won't be able to find http://kserver

    If it's possible to open your server to the outside world, obviously this involves a little work getting your IIS, DNS etc prepped.  You can then get away with just pointing 5721 (if you went with the default) traffic to the server you are using.

  • Not sure this is Kaseya 101 or not.  But 1st step with implementing Kaseya is to forward port 5721 (TCP) from the internet into your Kaseya server.   That's what all Kaseya connections are made on.  

    If it's not that basic, please re-phrase your question.