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It just dies

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Since this weekend, i've started having problem with one agent. It's running on Windows Server 2008 SBS .... or, more exactly, it isn't running. Just as soon as i start the service, it goes down again.

I've tried to

  • reboot the server
  • install a new agent over the old one
  • uninstall the agent and install a new one
  • uninstall the agent, then manually clean all traces of Kaseya from the registry (except for the Mui bits) before installing a new one

Here's the out put from the AgentMon.log

2010/12/13 09:51:07.894 [3e74]: ***<<< Agent starts >>>***
2010/12/13 09:51:07.897 [3e74]: Agent controls drivers: True
2010/12/13 09:51:07.897 [3e74]: Agent version
2010/12/13 09:51:07.902 [3e74]: Agent working folder is "c:\temp\kworking"
2010/12/13 09:51:07.907 [3e74]: Agent enters running state...
2010/12/13 09:51:07.908 [37d4]: listenerthread: issue a pending I/O returns 997
2010/12/13 09:51:08.413 [3e74]: Loading startup DLL commands...
2010/12/13 09:51:08.414 [3e74]: End loading startup DLL commands.
2010/12/13 09:51:08.431 [3ef0]: kascInit: Opened socket 312.
2010/12/13 09:51:08.444 [3ef0]: kascEstablishConn: Connect to socket 312.
2010/12/13 09:51:09.285 [3e74]: ExchangeServerInstalled=1, MBoxCount=34
2010/12/13 09:51:10.084 [3e74]: unloadDriver: Driver unloaded successfully.
2010/12/13 09:51:10.084 [3e74]: Agent exits final stage...
2010/12/13 09:51:10.085 [3e74]: Stop all DLL commands
2010/12/13 09:51:10.085 [3e74]: Agent main exits
2010/12/13 09:51:10.086 [3dbc]: Stop all DLL commands

How should i go on debugging (and solving) this? Is "I/= returns 997" a good thing or a bad thing?




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  • In this case it is better to contact support. This kind of problems can be very difficult and with support al possible options can be investigated.

    Maybe you can ask for agent I got this from support when I had a problem with an agent too.