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  • What scripts are people using for collecting information from Macs? What parts of the Kaseya doesn't work correctly on a Mac?

    I did a simple install, without the silent installer, to see what gets installed.

    I would appreciate any comments.

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  • In my opinion, remote control does not work properly on a mac. In order to install remote control (VNC) a reboot is needed. When working remotely, it is imposable to tell if this is the first time a machine has been remote controlled. Accordingly you either have to preinstall (which can break VNC as well if the wrong version (the default) is used or use a script to force VNC to install (I have made other posts regarding this) and the reboot at install time.

    Another problem is the way reboots are handed by scripts. The default script uses the "reboot" command at the command line. The problem with this is it is not a "clean" shutdown and could result in data loss if someone is using parallels, vmware or virtualbox. It would be better to use something like the command "osascript -e 'tell application "System Events" to restart'. I use an automator script to run this command. This performs a clean shutdown and prevents data loss.

    Thirdly, there is a problem in the way reboot nags are implemented in kasyea. Supposed a reboot is requried after updates and you want to nag a user every 60 min to reboot. There is a kaseya script to do this. However, if when kaseya asks you to reboot you click "no" and then click on the apple icon and shut down that way, the script does not detect you have rebooted and keeps nagging you. I use a program locally which will be killed by the OS when the system is shutdown to work around this.

    Aside from this, the only other thing that I would like to see, and/or work around is patch reporting and/or patch depots for apple. It is possible to use an apple server like a WSUS server. This could be implemented/integrated in kaseya to manage mac patching. Currently none is provided, so we have to query the "softwareupdate" program and write output to the agent log, which we then parse with a report to see if patches are needed. Then, if we want to patch (based on the report) we then have to run a script to have this program install updates. It would be nice to see this integrated into kaseya.

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  • P.S.
    Silent install doesn't work correctly on a mac :-)

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  • jdshewey - We hate the information you provide, but we love you for providing it. Thanks for saving us some headaches.

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  • BUDR is not supported either. Basically it boils down to scripting(?) and remote control, when it works. If you want to use your Kaseya implementation, it is not supported 1 to 1 in Safari or Firefox as it is in Internet Explorer, though they are working on it.

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