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Linux Monitoring.

  • After working with the Linux agent I still see no way to actualy monitor a Linux box other than SNMP.  Am I missing something here?  Are auditing and remote control via VNC the only benefit to having an agent on a linux box?

  • Pretty much the same as the Mac OSx agent. Most of the monitoring in Kaseya is for Windows based monitoring only (Eventlog, Performance Counters and Services). I would imagine that scripting and log parsing (if log parser actually works for Linux) would be your best friends with the Linux agent due to the nature of Linux log files. Would be interesting to find out if the process monitoring works on the Linux Agent as that might be of some use although I would suspect it would not know the difference between a working and a zombie process.

    Would be good to hear from the Kaseya support team on what can be done monitoring wise for Linux and Mac Agents.

  • Thank you HardKnoX.  

    I know that you can setup SNMP as well, but I believe the catch with that is you have to have a windows PC to capture the SNMP trap.  Let me know if this sounds right or if I am missing something.  

  • You would be correct so far I have only seen the windows SNMP monitoring tools in the VSAMonSetFiles folder on the Kserver.

    The SNMP tools Kaseya uses appears to be Net-SNMP that you can get via SourceForge. The last time I checked Net-SNMP supported multiple OS's, so in theory it should not be too hard to make it work on both Mac OSx and Linux. If you can find the Kaseya script that gets executed for SNMPGet monitoring you might be able to make your own that would work on Linux hosts.

    Kaseya SNMP trap unfortunately writes to the Eventlog (ID 100) and as Linux does not have Eventlogs so you won't be able to use the existing SNMP trap feature without a Windows OS.