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Mac Client - Clients disappear from agent management console

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I tried to update some Mac Catalina clients on a customer site. Those where running version before.

Installing the latest client caused two issues: The client disappears from the management console and updated client agents show following error on mouseover in the upper right corner (translating from German):

"Computer-ID.Group-ID" not recognized by KServer.
Agent nameofmachine.propergroupname

(The agent line shows the correct values for Computer ID and Group ID.)

A colleague attempted an installation on a clean Macbook, which does not issue the error above, but is also not visible in management after installation.

Is this a known issue or are there any ideas, what I can do to fix the issue on my side?

Best greetings from Germany

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  • I wish I had something useful to offer, but I don't.  Ultimately, from Catalina forward, there is no reliable, consistent management system besides JAMF.  I hate it, but it's a fact.

  • We had a similar issue, we lost over 50 agent like this, there is a bug in the upgrade process that deletes the old agent before the new agent checks in. We basically had to manually install ALL agents using ScreenConnect and other tools to manage the Mac machines. We are still dealing with the end users' dissatisfaction.