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Live connect - RDP

  • Has anyone found a way to use VSA live connect as an RDP link. i want o put an icon on a desktop and have a user connect to a specific workstation using live connect?

  • Live Connect now uses an Encoded URI . So basically the URL has to include a 64Bit encoded string based on the Agentguid and a few other atributes.

    We've developed an automated way to do this in Connectwise and Autotask .. so if your interested we can do a zoom session and show you how this works.

  • OR .. try this .. but the URI created will only be valid for a certain period of time


    Using the New Kaseya KLC URI

    1) With a Kaseya username / Password

    2) Go to the following URL (substitute with your VSA DNS name) and make an API call using Swagger UI (/api/v1.0/swagger/ui/index) to get the "Auth Token"


    3) Use this in the XML as the Token from 2) and the URL , edit the following and replace with your Values


    "homePageUrl": "your_vsa.com/.../",

      "payload": {

        "auth": {

          "Token": "90871969"


         "agentId": "704463425889780",

        "navId": ""



    4) Encode the XML by copying the above XML

    5) Go to  https://www.base64encode.org/ and paste in the XML then click Encode Button

    6) Copy the Encoded string and use as Follows

    a. Add kaseyaliveconnect:/// to the start of the encoded string and then paste the full string into your browser



    b. Add Start to the string and then pasted into a Command prompt


    start Kaseyaliveconnect:///eyANCiAiaG9tZVBhZ2VVcmwiOiAiaHR0cDovL2RldjMubXNwYXNzaXN0LmNvbS9saXZlY29ubmVjdC8iLA0KICAgInBheWxvYWQiOiB7DQogICAgICJhdXRoIjogew0KICAgICAgICJUb2tlbiI6ICI5MDg3MTk2OSINCiAgICAgfSwNCiAgICAgICJhZ2VudElkIjogIjcwNDQ2MzQyNTg4OTc4MCIsDQogICAgICJuYXZJZCI6ICIiIA0KICAgIH0NCn0NCg0K

  • Another way to do this is as follows.

    1. In the VSA interface, go to the system tab -> scopes

    2. Create a new scope called, for example, "sams-machine-only"

    3. Assign only the user's machine to this scope

    4. Go to System tab -> Roles and create a new role called "End users"

    5. Set the role permissions as required

    6. Create a new user "sam" and assign the "sams-machine-only" scope and he "End Users" role and set a password

    7. Sam can now run KaseyaLiveConnect.exe on their machine and log in with the credentials created in step 6

    This will load the KLC interface, where the customer can use Remote Control to access their machine