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Constant "Error getting agent status." Alerts

  • Hey guys,

    We recently updated our Agents to and ever since we updated and the interface updated we are constantly getting "Error getting agent status" alerts in the top right corner.  Is there a way to disable this?

  • We just updated to and started seeing this message.  I'm not even sure what it means since I can't find it in the docs.  Not sure if it's serious or just annoying.

  • Can you provide us a screenshot to better understand the error you are receiving?

  • We had the same issues and resolved by trial and error adjusting the permissions in:

    Systems>User Security>User Roles> Pick a role > Access Roles> Set roles access roles

    Then dive deep into..

    Root> Kaseya VSA >Notification Bar >Notification Bar Items >Configuration > Configurations Grid > and select to turn on Alerts and Agents online.

    Only issue we have is we have users assigned to roles that we do not want to get alerts or notifications.  If we turn it off, they get a message every two minutes of an alert notification failure.  Same with Systems Alerts.What we did above was to suppress the error and give them the alerts.

    Would be nice that if we select to remove or suppress that they do not get the annoying 2 minute warning all the time.  Our managers get the alerts and lower level staff do not need them so some additional work needs to be done by KAseya to resolve.

    The assumption is if we do not want alerts we want to turn them off but not get an alert every two minutes that its off.

  • How did you suppress the error?