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Event alert email notification

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i want to set up event alarm system in servers through kaseya agent , 

for example if disk is low or critical or system backup status or warning eventlog is generated i need to get mail for it. 

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    You should be able to use Monitor > Alerts > Event Log Alerts to get any event generated in the event log and perform an action against it.

    I would recommend reviewing the free training materials on https://university.kaseya.com.

    Below is a post discussing how you can monitor the event logs for similar conditions:


    The low disk status can be tracked multiple ways, two examples are using the Monitor > Alerts > Alert > Low Disk Alert, Monitor > Edit > Monitor Sets > Monitor Set.

  • The problem with event log monitor is that it does not look in all the other server logs, just the basic ones... Can't select a log like printservice

    Event Log Alerts will monitor any log you specify it to, however that event log type must be available in the Kaseya Interface.

    These log types are updated by the procedure Update List by Scan - if you have executed this procedure against 1 machine that has these log types they will be in the Kaseya Interface.

    If you are facing an issue where the event log types are not being updated in the interface, this is a problem ticket we currently have - (165922).