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the new "Set Credential" in Manage Agents is missing something...

  • In the old "Set Credential" GUI you got a grid where you could see the account and domain that was set on each endpoint, and a success/failure indicator.

    In the new GUI, you can see the success/failure OK in the Status grid, but nowhere am I finding the ability to review what account is currently set - just the ability to mass-reset them.

    I could cobble together something like this:

    use ksubscribers
    select groupname
    from vAgentConfiguration

    and make it available outside the VSA, but if there's a better way, or if others are frustrated with this and want the functionality back and we can all submit feature request tickets to make it happen, that'd be cool too :)

    Anyone else missing the "show me what username is already set" functionality of the old Set Credential?

  • It took me a long time to find as well, but the columns 'Domain', 'Username', and 'Credentials Test Status' should get you what you want.

  • In the "Agent" module expand "Agents" and click "Manage Agents". Within this view, edit the "Column Sets" to include the field "Username". The "Username" field is populated with the username entered in "Set Credentials". I hope this helps.

  • Hello ,

    You are correct the only column available now in R9.3 on the Manage Agent page is for ''Credential Test Status"

    I know a lot of customers are now using/managing credentials from >Audit - Asset - Manage Credentials and applying these through Policy Management, however the feature from 9.2 that showed the username/domain/status per agent is not available under Agent menu.

    I would suggest opening a support ticket and asked them to send to Engineering to see if this option can be made available in 9.3 on the Manage Agent page.