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Using Variable within Views

  • I would like to be able to create a view that shows all devices that have a first check in time within the last 30 days. I've been able to create a one time use view by setting the First checkin time in the advanced filters as greater than a date 30 days ago, such as >20160410. But that is a static variable. Unless I go through and change it every time I use it, It will not be applicable for the First checkin time within 30 days.

    Is it possible to use a variable to get the view I want? Or does anyone know of another way?

  • We run an init procedure in response to a new agent check-in - it just copies a couple of utilities to the KWorking folder. With something like that, you can check for the agent procedure that has run in the past ## days, or has never run.

    We use this to create views for agents that checked in during the past hour, past day, past week, or never ran the init. The init process runs pretty reliably so this has been pretty useful for us.


  • Thanks! That's a unique approach and will definitely work in my use case.