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Shadow Control Install Script

  • Hi,

    We are facing a challenge while installing/deploying shadow control .msi file on to the environment through agent procedure.

    It is getting successfully installed however not able to subscribe to our shadow control server.

    we need to run below commands post installation for 32 bit and 64 bit respectively:

    “C:\Program Files (x86)\StorageCraft\CMD\stccmd” subscribe -a

    “C:\Program Files\StorageCraft\CMD\stccmd” subscribe –a

    We already tried below step post installation:

    and also tried using the below steps each with execute shell command:


    cd \Program Files (x86)\StorageCraft\CMD\

    stccmd subscribe -a

    Can somebody please provide how we can include that in agent procedure???

  • should be -a <server address> or no flag at all i believe

    here's mine that i've used many times

  • This is the procedure I'm using quite well, I actually have an extra line just above this that unsubscribes, just in case it was already installed and has failed.

    I assume you already have the shadowcontrol endpoint transfered and sent? I can show you my code for that as well if you like.