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New Chrome update broke live connect

  • Chrome released a new update today. Now when i open live connect it repeatedly asks me to install the plugin (which is already there). Has anyone found a workaround for this? 

  • Hey  

    I cannot confirm just yet if this is directly related to the Google Chrome update.

    However, this does happen to me on occasion and usually the following steps re-mediate the problem:

    1. Uninstall Live Connect from Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs

    2. Delete the Live Connect folder located in C:\users\<your-username>\AppData\Local\Kaseya directory.

    3. Reboot

    4. Reinstall Live Connect and try again.

    Let me know if this does or does not work for you.

  • I no longer see the enable-npapi option under chrome://flags

    Based on some other forum posts I've found, it looks like Chrome 45 no longer has any NPAPI support options.

    Unless I'm missing something, this means we can no longer use Chrome with Kaseya until Hydra comes out.

  • Hey  

    You are 100% right, Chrome 45 released without NPAPI support today.

    Therefore if you are running Chrome 45 and require plugins it will no longer work. (Java, Silverlight, KLC, etc.)

    Here is another article on it:


    So, unless you revert to an earlier version of chrome, you may want to use another browser.

  • For those unaware, Chrome announced this change a very long time ago (over a year ago if memory serves) and they announced the date of the change earlier this year.

    Kaseya has held multiple release announcements with a Q&A section and chrome has pretty much always been brought up, so anyone watching the release announcement videos should already know all about this.

    I believe this has also been discussed heavily here on the forums.

    NPAPI is a fairly dead technology, and it's good that chrome is taking steps to put the nails in the coffin, but it is unfortunate that LiveConnect is still the only option for a large number of Kaseya features and it relies on NPAPI. In the meantime I hate saying out loud that I recommend Internet Explorer, but I'm not a firefox fan so IE11 will have to hold me over while Kaseya catches up and removes LiveConnect (targeted for replacement by february 2016 according to the most recent announcements)

  • And for those unaware, I came across a alternative browser called "Slimjet". It's stable and works like a charm. Till now no crashes or freeze with KLC (as a used to have with Chrome or IE11).

    If u already use Slimjet please let us know your review in combination with Kaseya, thx

    (For Firefox users alternative could be Waterfox (not tested yet))