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Need procedure to update Java on endpoints

  • Hi,

    I am looking for a Kaseya procedure to update java on my endpoints. There are 1500+ endpoints which includes servers 2012, 2008,2003,sbs all versions, win8, 7,vista, xp etc.

    Does anyone has a tested and working procedure to update this environment?

    Please contact.




  • I use the script from here. Makes it pretty easy:


  • why not use the sofrware deployment module?

  • We don't use it because we don't want to pay $10/agent/year (or whatever it is) just to keep flash and java updated using it.

  • I have also learned not to purchase Kaseya "modules".

  • ninite pro

  • Ninite PRO is The best. For scripts check this out. http://upstream.se/en/blog/upstream-kaseya-power-pack
  • The software module in Kasey is Ninite PRO...
  • I checked out Ninite for our use but it updates too many apps that we don't use. It was easier for me to just script the few that I need to update. Plus, I don't need to rely on Kaseya's implementation of what they think I should need or how well they work with a third party provider or how much I should pay them for the privilege or any of those kinds of issues.

  • zippo that VB is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

    Can you share the switches you use to execute that? Does it reboot endpoint?

  • I use the following when I want to download and update the client. I then copy the downloaded files to the VSASharedFiles directory and run a modified script on the rest of the clients so that they don't all have to download all of the files from the Internet. There are several ways to skin this task, though, so think about what will work best for your situation. This should explain the switches:

    'Download=0 if this is a client that is 'not' downloading


    So, if your client already has the files, change the switch to "0".

    'ModifyJRE=0 if this is a host that is 'only' downloading


    If you want this machine to only download the files but not update then change the switch to "0".

    '0 = Remove JRE, 1 = Update Existing JRE, 2 = Deploy and/or Update JRE


    x64=1 'For x64 bit browsers otherwise use only x86 for x64 systems

    If you only want to remove the existing Java installation set the switch to "0".

    'Add any extra Java CLI switches  


    'Example: switches="/s INSTALLDIR=D:\Program Files(x86)\Java\"



    You can add any extra switches you like. The "/s" switch tells it to perform the install silently.

  • I think your missing the point of working smarter not harder...

    I too started with the notion of not purchasing anymore modules than I have to from Kaseya.

    I started with my own scripts. Worked well for a while, until I had to download more than just Reader and Java every time there was an update. It was Java for different versions, i.e. 32 bit or 64bit, Reader without the annoying AutoUpdate modules, then it was Chrome, then I needed Acrobat Pro and Standard + for others Reader, then firefox.  If you get my point, the list just kept growing until one day Adobe and others started installing ASK and other "freebies" with their automatic updates.

    Several clients got really pissed off because it began to ruin their browsers with all kinds of popups and other strange software downloads that scared them and they called me asking to "Do Something and fix this".

    We then looked into Ninite and while cheaper, required us to go outside our VSA Server and setup yet another program for automatic updating and not every client needed the same updates. This meant more configuration and management, not less. Again, working smarter not harder is the goal....

    Kaseya offered a $5.00 per workstation deal for batches of 100 ($500.00) for the year based on your annual renewal. Really, .41 cents a month per workstation, there was nothing to think about. I asked my clients, is it worth $2.25 per machine per month and they jumped on it. In the past they all said "I can do it myself, no need for us to manage it." For some clients I gave them a price of $2.00 per month and they felt they were walking away with a bargain and I was happy to. No setup fee as installation is a snap, the system does all the work.

    We ran a script to disable all the Adobe, Google and Java auto update services and installed KSDU just by scheduling a scan. We started with version 8 and now we have been on 9 and absolutely no issues. Every few days we check to see if any of the programs we have in our global catalog have a version change and if so we approve them for each profile group and we are done... At 2:00 am those machines needing the update are done... No installed surprises, no new services installed and then constantly running, no bogus other unwanted software installed. It's really quite a pleasure.

    Since Kaseya was looking to prorate the KSDU to expire when your annual license expires, if you purchase later in your year, the price is less. It has been great and works great and is very nicely integrated.

    Sorry, but on this issue, Kaseya has a very well done working integrated product that does the job as advertised and without bugs, in version 8 and so far in version 9 as well.

  • @zippo This is too complex for me as am not that good at scripting. Can you please share one of the script which you are using "to download and install JRE 8.40"

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  • ,  Ninite can be easily set to only update a single program or group (i.e.  /select "Java 8"). We wrote scripts for about 30 of the top programs (including Java), and publish Install/Update, Uninstall, and Update-only for each.

  • suppose you need the NinitePro version ?