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Can I create a policy that updates an old agent to latest version

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We have recently upgraded to R8 and we still have a few hundred agents that are running old version of the agent. I have a view that shows old agents that are online but its a matter of spotting these as they are online (mostly PC's not servers) and manually running update agent.

Can I automate this so any old agents are updated automatically when they come online?

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  • If you schedule the update (eg., select a time 5 minutes from now), but do not select the "skip if offline" option, the procedure will queue.  When the agent checks in, any queued procedures will run in the order in which it was added to the queue.  As long as the agent is still online when it's the Update procedure's time to run, the agent will get updated.  If the agent happens to go offline because there are so many pending procedures, the Update procedure will remain queued, the queued list will pick up where it left off next time the agent checks in, and the agent will get updated.

    Another option would be to assign an alert to these agents.  You'd have to build an Agent Procedure to call the K Agent Update system script.  Once the procedure is built, use the Monitor > Alerts > Agent Status alert, select the agents, and choose to Run a Script when the agent comes online and select your agent procedure.  This could get a little messy if the agents go offline/online frequently as they'd re-run the agent update procedure each time the agent comes back online, so if you choose this option, I would recommend removing this alert once the agents are updated.

    You could use Policy to assign the alert (option 2), or, if you create the AP suggested in option 2, you could use policy to just assign the procedure to agents running an outdated version of the agent software (use Views to filter to agents that do not meet a minimum agent version).  This would allow you to assign the AP to run just once but, again, if the agent goes offline before the procedure to update schedules for the agent, you might miss the online window.  If your machines are mostly offline but sometimes come offline (very hit-or-miss), the first suggestion might be your best bet.

  • Procedure Agent Update.xml

    Hate to disagree with you on this one Brande but I've had agents with updates scheduled for months and they've never updated even though they are online every day so I've given up with that.

    The attached script calls the procedure that does the agent update and is easier to control when the machines update.

  • Alistair,

    Thanks for posting the script.  

    Regarding procedures being scheduled but not running - that isn't the expected behavior.  Procedures scheduled will queue and run, in serial, when the agent is online (or comes online).  The exception to this is if "Skip if Offline" is enabled.  Skip if offline will only run if the agent is online at the time of the scheduled execution or comes online within 15 minutes of the scheduled execution.  If the agent is offline, the process will be skipped.  If you're seeing behavior other than this, I recommend opening a ticket.

  • I have to say Alastair is right, we have plenty of agents not updating.

    Just created a view for agents not up to and I have 83 on a total of 4100, which is 2%

    I have filtered all agents that have not been online this month, so should have the new versions.

    Will try some specific updates to check, just random checks only give me Windows 7 machines....?

  • Just a quick follow-up for the updates I just scheduled.

    This time the update is being executed for a fair amount of machines.

    I distributed it over 4 hours, and the first 13 were updated to 8000004 agent version.

    I did see some scheduled agent updates from a month ago in the Update Agent screen.

    But there was no Pending Procedure visible.

    So, despite not choosing the 'skip if offline' option the last time, the Procedure was no longer there.

    Could it be the previously scheduled update was to old to be executed?

    Does Kaseya clean Pending Procedures after a certain time?

    I didn't worry about this before, so any logging should be gone by now, but will check this later today.

  • I can confirm that using the unticking the skip if offline just didnt work for me, I have had a load of agents that have come online since and the procedure just did not run

  • Yesterday I tried to update 83 agents that didn't update the first two times I tried.

    From that number 50 have now updated, can't say why that is, but 33 are still waiting.

    Of those 33 there are 4 machines now online, that ran the agent update procedure.

    They even reported it as succesfull, but the version is not updated.

    Windows XP seems to be the norm for those agents not updated yet.

    Maybe a reboot was needed the first time, that could explain this issue