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Distribute Files not working

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Hey all ... Looking for some help.

I have setup  Distribute File to c:\ and unable to get it working. This is on a Windows 7 machine.. Not sure where to go from here or if there is a trick I am missing?

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  • Just a stab in the dark here but are you specifying the target file name?

    For Example;

    If you don't specify the name the file won't be generated with the original name.

    If you have the file name specified in the "Agent File location" then I would suggest not to write directly to the root of the C: drive, try distribute the file to the to the Agent Temp Folder or the C:\temp folder instead.

  • I am not.... trying it now. thank you!

  • Quick question.. If the folder does not exist, will it create it?

  • Most of the time I distribute to existing folders, but I have seen it create the the target folder a few times in the past, not sure if I will work every time but give it a go see what happens.