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On demand installation of software

  • Hi,

    Would it be possible to allow Kaseya Agentto install application as and when they need it rather automate it by Kserver?

    E.g SMS allow user to install application from control panel "add and remove program" to initate the installation.



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  • We're also looking for the best way to install the Kaseya agent "on demand". I have a client CEO who isn't comfortable with us having remote access to his laptop 24x7. He likes the idea of remote assistance when he actually needs it but doesn't want the agent running all the time and doesn't care much about us doing his maintenance for him.

    He is a road warrior so Kaseya is a perfect solution to the firewalls that would normally keep us from assisting him.

    I assume I could change the service startup type to Manual and give him some desktop shortcuts to stop and start the service when needed. Would this work or is Kaseya going to "fix" its startup type when it runs? Is there a better way to do this?


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  • Enable the ability for him to turn off remote control in the Agent Menu options off the Agent tab ... Then show the CEO how this works to shut off the remote control ... everything else will still continue to work, monitoring, scripting, etc ...

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  • Or you can not even place the agent on his machine and have him connect to a "Streaming Video" session everytime he needs assistance.

    God Bless,


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  • I need to do more than just disable remote control. The CEO is/was a serious geek and fully understands the capabilities of the agent. He's not comfortable with the agent running and able to runscripts, ftp, or remote control while he's not actively watching. (And, yes, we both realize that an admin can still do lots of stuff behind the scenes while he's "watching".)

    I want to be able to use the agent to provide help on demand but the only way I'll be able to sell that is if the agent is running ONLY when he wants help. The question then becomes whether or not I can have the agent installed and available but not running unless the user requests it.


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  • If your not really going to "fully utilize" the agent. Then uninstall it andcreate a desktop icon to the"desktop streaming" URL. This way you can still support him occasionally. However, I don't think he fully realizes what he missing. Using Kaseya you can automate tasks. Does he really want to clean up his workstation, defrag his hard drive, patch his system, etc. Not to mention he's probably more scared of losing control then losing technical abilities.

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