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Uninstall previous Kaseya agent and replace with current agent?

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We have a client who was previously being supported by a company that also used Kaseya.

We installed our agents using the /r /w switches, however our Kaseya agent simply installs along side of the previous agent.

My question is : Is there a way to force our Kaseya agent to (re)install and remove any previous Kaseya agents that are installed?  /r /w only seems to impact OUR agent and not the previously installed agent.

Unfortunately we do not have a way to ask the previous company to remove their agents.  If necessary we can manually uninstall on each machine but I was hoping to automate it.


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  • Just write a script that your agent will run to remove the other agent.

    If you look in Kaseya under Audit/Add/Remove via your VSA you will see both agents listed , and it includes the string you need to run to uninstall.

    So pick the string for the other agent , add this into your script , and run on all affected machines.

    This will only uninstall the other agent .. and you can check it's has worked by rerunning the audit and checking again what is listed in Add/Remove