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LanWatch for Multiple Subnets

  • Ok, so here is the situation, we have several clients where they have either Frame connections, or VPN connections to remote offices. I was hoping to be able to put the Kaseya client manually on one machine and then push out to the others via the LANWatch functionality.

    However it appears that even when I tell the LANWatch agent to scan the full range of subnets it still only returns those machines that are actually located on the same subnet with the agent machine. I have confirmed that machines on all of the remote subnets are "pingable" by the LANWatch agent so I know it can get to them.

    I know that I theoretically could get around this by manually running the psexec on the agent machine with the proper command line arguments for each of the remote machines, but I was really hoping that I wouldn't have to resort to that.

    Any suggestions.

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  • using LAN watch you can configure it to scan a range of ip addresses, this will scan only one range. when you goto a different subnet this is efectivly a different range. It would be useful if there was a way of specifing more than one range of addresses. I have looked into this to try and set up a script to run multiple lan watches on different subnets but currently it appears this can not be done. Maybe this is somthing that can be added at a later stage

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  • In one particular case where we had the main location on and a remote at, I tried putting in the range, but it only got the ones on the range.

    I think it's more than just a matter of allowing the scan, it needs some additional work.

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  • Remember the workstation needs to know the route to the additional subnet... The default route may very well be to the Intnernet.

    Maybe adding the route to that subnet to the workstation using the route add command might solve the problem.

    This might not help if the lan watch is a passive listener since I think that the network broadcasts (help me here RIP? maybe) dont flow between subnets by default.

    Howard Cunningham

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  • My understanding of the LANWatch function is that it actually actively Pings the IP range in question. Also as noted in my first post, the routing is there, as I can manually ping the IP's on that second subnet just fine from the workstation.

    My guess is that since LANWatch also pulls in the Mac Addresses of the Machines, that is where LANWatch is falling down on scanning remote subnets. Since the machines that are responding are all on the other side of a router it can't pull the machines MAC addresses.

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  • Sorry to revive an old thread, but has this ever been solved? I have the same situation. The whole solution to me for IT Automation, was that LAN watch would be able to to just this,

  • The problem is in the ARP request following the ping when doing LanWatch. It can't be routed. The problem will be there until Kaseya implements this in Network Discovery or re-design LanWatch. I agree. There should be a possibility to scan multiple IP ranges fom one central point.

  • Can I just query (just curious) what are you using Lanwatch for? as in why do you want it to scan the other subnets.

  • Mmartin

    Basically I would really like to deploy the agent o one PC, do a company wide LAN watch scan, and deploy the agent from that one PC. I really felt that Kaseya had a strong selling point on just this one function.