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Kaseya "set credential" feature does not work with Mac 10.6.6

  • I am able to install the Kaseya program on any Mac running 10.6.6, however when we try to set the credentials for these machines, they fail. I have made sure that the credentials are correct. Any ideas/

  • An obvious one would be to mention that unlike with Windows usernames, Mac and Linux  usernames are case sensitive. What about creating a new account using the "Reset Password" function?

  • I just tried creating a brand new account as you described. The new account went through successfully, but I still cannot set the credentials.

  • I can confirm the same problem, suppose its time for another ticket Sad

  • I'm new to the forum area so I'm not entirely sure how it works when an issue gets fixed. How do I check to see the status of an issue such as this one?

  • Posting to the forum does not generate a case for Kaseya to fix the issue, you need to logon to the Kaseya Customer Portal;


    ... and log a ticket with them so that they can look into the issue, they will then contact you either via email or phone and they more then likely will want to give them access to your Kaseya server, they should give you some instructions on how to do that.