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BUDR 3.2 until now nothing has been published

  • Kaseya has announced the BUDR 3.2 is released in July, but until now nothing has been published. Sad

    But this is just one of many examples. The best example is the road map in 2009 was not executed until today.

    I hope this will be bether in the year 2010 and what was announced at the User Conference will also be made, otherwise I will soon take a decision


    [edited by: Richard at 1:42 PM (GMT -7) on 8-6-2010]
  • @Richard, I take it you were among the conference participants this year that were a little skeptical that Gerald Blackie's PowerPoint presentation seemed a little, shall we say, unbelievable?  I respect their ambition but I don't see any way that's all happening this year.

  • BUDR 3.2 is still in beta at the moment