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Need to get creative with some Views

  • I'm discovering an interesting problem.  We support end users in the Building Materials industry.  A lot of the Vendors they purchase from have put together these nice "Product Quoting Tools" to help them configure complicated things like Windows and Doors and such.  As part of our agreement, we are taking over the Update management for these tools.  What we're finding though, is that a large number of these vendors are all using the same core application to build their quoting tools.  The underlying tool is based around an "engine" that is an executable, m2o.exe. 

    Here's the rub...  Vendor1 puts whatever version of m2o.exe that they are currently using on the system in their directory, but Vendor2 might come along and put another version of m2o.exe in another directory.

    I know that Vendor1 will put their copy in let's say "c:\edgenet\Vendor1\" and Vendor2 will put theirs in "c:\edgenet\Vendor2\"...

    However, the View field for "Contains or Missing Application" only seems to allow me to put the actual application name in there.  I'm trying to figure out how I might build a view that shows me all machines that have that app in just one certain directory so I can figure out which are running Vendor1's app.

    I suppose if all else fails I might write a procedure to check for specific instances of this app in the appropriate directories, and then based on those results maybe set some value in a custom Item field on the agent for the machine, then come along with the view and check that custom field...

    Anyone dealt with anything similar to this?

  • I personally couldn't think of anything right away and I'm guessing you'll just have to use an Agent Procedure to update a custom sysinfo field, and base your view off that.  We do collect all kinds of information including application directory locations to the database already, so that might help --help.kaseya.com/.../2669.htm