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Upgrade to Kaseya K2 possible rollback?

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I am considering to upgrade Kaseya 2008  to Kaseya K2, the problem is that my server is W2003 with 3.5 GB RAM
according to the High Performance Kaseya Server Configuration, I need a 6GB RAM  I know that I might experience some slow  process,  I might try to do the upgrade with my actual server, but considerations should I have if I decide to do the rollback?



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  • The performance will be most impacted by how many agents you have checking in to that server as well as whether or not you break off your SQL server to a separate box.

  • Ana,

    There's no going back if you upgrade your agents to 6.x    

    while you can roll your install back with a back of your server (been there done that) there is no going back if your agents are updated to 6.x   6.x agents will not check into a 5.x server. :(    at least that's what I've been told by Support.........

    as for your server hardware, sounds like it might be a wise investment to buy new equipment. Kaseya recommends if you've got around or over 1k nodes to separate your database. we run around 3k nodes and we doubled their recommended spec's in hardware and we're not exactly lightning fast here. :(  

    I did notice with K2 I had to spread out all my procedures, processes, audits, reports, etc.... to help the server kick along better.

    Good luck on your upgrade, I ended up running the kawebupdate 4 times before my servers were stable enough to call it a successful upgrade.