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Wake On LAN - Kaseya 2 Script File Missing?

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Does anyone use the Wake On LAN feature in Kaseya 2? I am either having a mental block on a Friday and cannot find it, or for some reason the example script packs I downloaded do not have it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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  • www.sysworksoft.net/.../rw.html

  • You dont need a script for it any more, the capibilities have been built into the scheduler.  Schedule any script, even one that does nother, like the force checkin, and check the box to "Power Up if Offline".  Kaseya will find the best canidate to perform the Wake and automatically instruct it to send the magic packet.

  • I still use it for all sorts of things.

    TBH I knew that the option to "Power up if offline" was there but I've never used it...

  • thirteentwenty,

    The example script was never any good anyway - you had to modify it to specify a MAC address.

    You could go ahead and download rw.exe and write your own script. It's pretty straight forward. Step 1 - push down rw.exe. Step 2 - run rw.exe /m:MACADDRESS. You'll have to modify it each time you go to use it.

    If you wanted to get flash you could write a script that dumps the mac addresses out of a DHCP server if you wanted to wake a whole LAN.



  • Never said that I used the example.... I did write my own script for this, LAN Watch gathers all of the information for me... all I have to do is specify the computer name, scripting does the rest... I also had one that did the entire LAN too... no need to fondle the DHCP server either...

  • I downloaded a script about a year ago that grabs the mac addresses of all agents, dumps them to a text file and runs the remote wake app against all the macs in the list. Even though the mac list is all encompassing, it's pretty fast and only works on the subnet of the machine you're running it from so it works fine. Or, a modified script that allows targeting a single machine.

    The problem I'm facing is scripting enabling the Power Management features of the NIC within Windows to "Enable this device to wake the computer". I'm working with mostly HPs now and I've got the BIOS config scripted but I can't seem to get the Windows part automated for 2000+ agents.

  • I've just got something about this in the yahoo group..... you should join, ping a user that goes by 'false'

  • That's me. I changed that account to "false" a while ago. I guess I'm just doubling up. I'm just now getting to these forums.

    I still need a Windows WOL enabling script. I have BIOS and can do the Windows thing individually. I just can't figure out how to automate it. Putting those together is a weakness of mine.