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SNMP...Any takers?

  • Hey all -

    Does anyone have any experience loading manufacturer MIBs or OIDs into Kaseya 2? I am trying to monitor some Cisco equipment, and a new HP/LeftHand SAN array (see this thread), and it just doesn't ever seem to poll any useful data. Here is my method:

    1. Locate MIB/OID files from client site
    2. Use the 'Add SNMP Object' to add each file into K2
    3. Attempt to create an SNMP set for the device
    4. LAN Watch with the correct SNMP Community in the scan to pick up the needed devices
    5. Assign the SNMP set to the device

    I am just running into problems where I can't find MIBs i've loaded, Kaseya not picking up the device but picking up other devices in the same subnet, and SNMP monitoring just not really being that accurate.

    I know this is a HUGE, wide ranging subject, but if anyone has any tips on it, please let me know. Thanks!



  • Also, there isn't much good information on the Portal site or elsewhere. Is this mainly because of the Network Discovery module that should be coming out by EOM September/October?

  • Hi Justin,

    I have not done to much with SNMP but was playing with it the other day and had it working to a degree.

    I dowloaded the MIB from the vendors site and then loaded them into Kaseya using the add SNMP object menu. Selected Load MIB there is a tree that you then expand out my MIBS ended up being in the following location:

    iso.org.dod -> iso.org.dod.internet -> private -> enterprises

    Once they where added in I could then go into SNMP sets and create a new set

    You just select the drop down box under MIBObject and find the object you want to monitor and the values that it should alarm on.

    You need to enable the SNMP on the device and add in a community name etc. Make sure the device doesnt block it as I have had issues with Cisco routers not allowing it if its not in the right access list.

    Under Lan watch ensure that you have selected enable SNMP and put in the same community. Once it has done a scan it should show up under assign SNMP -> server name which does lan watch -> name of device.

    Select the device by selecting the check box and then from the drop down menu you can select the SNMP monitor set that you have created and choose what you want it to do on alarm eg email or run a script etc.

    That is the main steps to it I may have missed something as this was mostly from memory.

    One thing that I did find that helped me was using a program called Getif is free to download and you can just put in the host name of the device with the community name etc and then open up the MBrowser and view a live status of the values, this helps when selecting the objects you want to monitor.

    hope this helps

  • <rant>

    I'm annoyed with the SNMP features in Kaseya too, there are so many better free SNMP monitoring packages out there but it does not help us have single interface that we can access and do the monitoring from.


  • Take a look at the new Network Discovery Module for K2. Its currently Beta but it does a pretty good job on 'standard' SNMP monitoring. It needs a few more options for configuring excludes etc but generally very good.

  • @ Joshua L:

    Thanks a bunch for that information! That GetIf program is great to make sure you have the right MIBs, and you can see what data is being returned. Lifesaver!

    @ Peter S:

    Yeah I have Network Discovery installed in our test environment, I think the prod release is coming end of Sept or end of Oct, and it does solve a lot of these issues as well.

  • Is Network Discovery a module that we will have to pay extra for (like KES, etc)?

  • I was able to get LAN watch to gather SNMP info on my Win7 laptop. I do need to play with it some more as I plan on using it for network devices.

    Always make sure that these network devices ACCEPT ICMP requests from Kaseya or any other SNMP manager, or at least confirm with another SNMP manager if you can't seem to get info from Kaseya.

  • Network Discovery will be a no cost option

  • Can't wait for this Network Discovery, any idea where we get hold of the beta?

    My last experience was with K5.1, and it just used to crash all the time whenever i loaded a mib file... so I gave up, when I could no longer load the page!

  • Contact Jeff Keyes at Kaseya.  I couldn't find his email to post here. He got me the ND beta I'm using.  I haven't heard a release date yet other than Q4 2010.